+ take images of core boxes

+ apply geometrical corrections

+ assign depth scales to the images

Tired of seeing your employees’ feet

on poor core images?

Add value to your core photos and build your own core strip log with adjustable depth scale!

The TEC-CORIM software

allows the user to take images of core boxes, process the photos and finally view the cores of a borehole in a continuous column with an adjustable depth scale!

This software tends to companies which have to deal with numerous cores and need an excellent documentation opportunity.


Your advantages are

  • extremely easy and quick to learn
  • immediate share with on site and remote geologists
  • participation and communication of the results to customers, contractors and authorities
  • reduced efforts for logistics and storage of the cores
  • prerequisite for efficiant workflow solutions
  • linkable with geophysical/geological data for use in database or borehole logging software
  • high quality digital archiving

The processed images have a standardized file name structure, containing all relevant information. This facilitates the linking of the images to data base applications

Once all the boxes of a borehole are recorded, the core can be viewed in a continuous column with the provided TEC-CORIM Viewer. The depth scale can be adjusted.

It is possible either to take a picture and to process it at once, or to take pictures of a number of boxes and process them at a later stage. Processing of existing digital core box images is possible as well, if the depth information is available.

used by many companies in the world

Countries where TEC-CORIM is already in use.

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